In France making a gift to charity entitles physical persons to an income tax reduction equal to 66% of the donation (up to 20% of taxable income).


Join Life Odyssey

Joining Life Odyssey is 15€ a year, 5,10€ with a tax reduction.

Any membership subscribed in 2015 is valid until 31/12/2016.

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Corporate sponsorship

In-kind sponsorship making goods available for use.


Skill-sharing sponsorship: making an employee’s services available.


Financial sponsorship: provision of cash funding.


In France, all these actions entitle donors to tax reductions under the sponsorship scheme: 60% of the amount of the donation, up to 0.5% of pre-tax turnover, can be deducted from corporation tax.

Sponsoring a charitable project: what are the advantages?

  1. Human resources

– Unite employees behind a shared cause

– Develop motivation

– Facilitate sharing of values in mergers and acquisitions

– Improve the internal climate, create a positive collective dynamic, social ties

– Attract and retain talent

  1. Image and reputation

– Enhance your image through positive values

– Develop the appeal of the brand or company

– Encourage customer/consumer empathy

– Encourage collective support by the public, citizens, employees, consumers

– Differentiate yourself for consumers who find it less and less easy to perceive « brand value »

– Respond to pressure from public opinion, the media, voluntary bodies, who are always ready to react, criticise and even sanction


  1. Build a strong territorial base

– Encourage acceptance of your activity in the local economic fabric, with the public authorities and civil society

– Participate in developing and even enhancing the image further afield of the area where you are based

– Contribute to professional re-orientation when businesses close

– For a foreign company, integrate and become more visible in France


  1. Sustainable development

– Publicise your commitments to enhance your communication and image as a socially responsible company

– Enrich your products and/or services with a solidarity-based dimension


  1. Business

– Improve customer loyalty in all or some segments

– Gain market share

– Stand out from the competition